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Filled: Private Chef

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Private Chef

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Type: Full-Time / Part-Time Min. Experience: 15+ years

Approx. Start Date: June 2021

Workdays: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Potentially weekdays as well.

Live In / Live Out: Negotiable Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA

ABOUT US: Handgraaf Estates is a privately held luxury company in San Diego that provides the highest level of Private Staffing and Estate Management. We tailor our service to the exact needs of every client and strive for nothing but the highest level of service.


Role: Private Chef

Type: Full-Time / Part-Time

Salary: Negotiable, based on Experience

Employment: Independent contractor

Live Out – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

SUMMARY: Formal and polished Private Chef position for a family of three. Main workdays are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Candidate will take full charge of the culinary services for the family and knows how to cook a large variety of cuisines perfectly. Weekends are for entertaining meaning the candidate must have extensive experience with cooking for large groups. Weekdays are more informal and will mainly consist of family dinners and formal cocktail service. We are looking to fill this position with a world-class quality chef. Experience working for Royalty, Celebrities or Michelin Restaurants is preferred but not required.


Please send all relevant documents to:


  • Set the tone for a creative and inspired kitchen.

  • Able to perfectly cook a large variation of cuisines.

  • Understand, manage, and execute all aspects of food cost, budgeting, sourcing, menu development, and preparation.

  • Create weekly fresh and healthy dinner menus using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

  • It is a mixture of responsibilities ranging from management as well as using creativity to create an amazing culinary experience for the family (the family has one young child so the candidate should feel comfortable cooking healthy, but potentially simpler meals for kids.)

  • Resourceful in understanding that menus must be tailored to specific dietary needs.

  • Presentation is an important component of the meal and should be of world-class quality.

  • Maintain relationships with local and regional food purveyors.

  • Produce and maintain the highest food quality and operating procedures.

  • Assure the highest health, hygiene, sanitation, safety, and food storage standards.

  • Shop, order, and acquire food, supplies, and any necessary equipment for the kitchen.

  • Bakery skills to include fresh bread, cakes, and desserts.

  • Excellent communication skills, positive attitude, accept direction and deliver the highest standards to meet the principal’s mealtime needs.

  • Able to work well with the Estate Manager and rest of staff.

  • Low ego and be open to all feedback and improvements.

  • Comply with all office technological and operational requirements.

  • Ability to remain in a stationary position for up to 3 hours at a time.

  • Ability to move about the workplace efficiently with care and consideration to noise and spatial awareness.

  • Ability to distinguish, with a degree of accuracy, the differences or similarities in intensity and quality of flavours or aromas.

  • Responsible for all shopping, restocking, and inventory management.

  • Maintain and monitor all kitchen wares and equipment.

  • Has a diverse experience with a variety of food styles.

  • A passion to produce consistently the highest level of personal professional service.

  • Able to cook for both large and small groups of guests.

  • Genuine communication style that is respectful, effective, formal, and sincere.

  • Takes ownership, shows commitment, is responsible and can provide solutions.

  • Reliable, on time and able to meet deadlines.

  • Results-oriented, able to meet and exceed goals and expectations.


  • Minimum of 15+ years Chef experience & a Culinary Degree from a 4-year accredited college.

  • Knowledge of California sanitation regulations.

  • Ability to demonstrate quick thinking and adaptability in a constantly changing environment.

  • Ability to grab, reach, push, pull, bend, stoop, kneel and crouch in order to retrieve and/or replenish merchandise and/or cooking equipment.

  • Ability to use hands to seize, hold, grasp, turn, or otherwise, in order to chop, whisk, slice, stir, juice and/or other techniques.

  • Ability to lift and/or move kitchen equipment weighing up to 40 lbs.

  • Environmental conditions: working with an open flame and/or other heating units, and exposure to variation in kitchen temperatures.

  • Driver’s license with a clean driving record.

  • Must pass extensive background, credit checks and open-source intelligence gathering check.

OUR CORE VALUES: Principal’s First

Ability to stay focused on meeting and exceeding the Principals needs.

● Learn from mistakes

Able to admit mistakes upfront and seeks the truth. Learns and grows from mistakes. Makes thoughtful choices and provides solutions to avoid future mistakes.

● Conscientious

Finishes duties mindfully, effectively, and promptly.

● Dedication

Shows a deep commitment to the role and people.

● Accountable

Takes ownership of tasks and time for due diligence.

● Independent

Thinks, acts, and finds solutions independently.

● Resilience

Does not complain or shy away from assigned work. Confronts difficulties with a positive outlook.

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