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Pim Handgraaf - Founder
The Royal Dutchman


Being born and raised in The Netherlands and from Noble decent, Pim enjoyed a strict and righteous upbringing. As past generations set high standards to live up to, his parents ensured that etiquette, manners and respect were always to be held in the highest regard.

His hospitality experience in Europe taught him a great sense of detail and service management. He carried these values over when he began working as a high-end event organizer in the Netherlands, at ''The Waiter''.


Throughout his life, Pim has lived in The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and the U.S.A. which opened his eyes to different cultures and made him realize that although people have different wants and needs, the required level of excellence in service always remained the same.

Upon his arrival to the USA, he was inspired to incorporate his upbringing, norms, values and quality service experience and founded the domestic staffing agency ''Handgraaf Estates''.

Currently, Pim and his wife Isabel have been together for over a decade, and are raising two marvelous sons.  

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