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Investment property

Seeing as the main objective of an investment property is to preserve / increase it's value, all risk of potential damage and problems must be mitigated. 

Our extensive experience in maintaining property value and preventing future problems provides the piece of mind that our clients look for.

Furthermore, our high-end quality service ensures that tenants are one of the main priorities and are well taken care.


Knowing that your property and tenants are looked after professionally by a trustworthy and honest professional is what we deliver.

  • Full service Property Management: Rent collection, searching & caring for tenants, and more.

  • No new or changing faces: A single dedicated property manager. 

  • Project management: Hiring and managing contractors and bids. 

  • Regular maintenance checks and inspections..

  • Window, door & gate check to ensure that the home is locked and secure.

  • Inspection of home systems Audio/Video, HVAC, , Plumbing & Electrical.

  • Shipping & receiving of postal services.

  • Automotive care.

  • Pool care & Maintenance.

  • 24/7 emergency availability.

  • Weekly / Monthly report of the property.

  • And more...

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