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Throughout our time in the industry, we managed to build a large network of talented professionals. Experts in professions such as Private Chefs, Estate Managers, Butlers, Majors Domo's, Housekeepers, Personal Drivers, PA's Nannies, Security and more.

Being an Estate Management company ourselves, we know what to look for in a candidate. What sets us apart is the fact that we go the extra mile and personally get to know and build a relationship with each suitable candidate. Because of this we have an impeccable record of placing the right candidates for roles while ensuring a perfect fit.


Besides conducting a thorough back ground, reference, driving and credit check, we also make sure that newly placed candidates are set up with a vendor list, allowing them to immediately work with the best local vendors and contacts.

''Introducing the best candidates for the perfect fit.''

  • Staffing: Placing the highest level of Private Household Staff.

  • Tailored Service: We tailor our service to each client's specific needs. Whether you're looking to hire full-time, part-time or a single shift.

  • Thorough Checks: We conduct elaborate background, reference, credit
    and driving
    history checks.

  • Set up: We assist in getting placed candidates settled, ensuring a seamless integration by providing a preferred vendor list of contacts as well sharing local knowledge.

  • Our guaranteeWe are so confident in our capabilities that we include a 90-day guarantee on every candidate we place. If for which ever reason it does not work out within the initial 90-days from hiring, we replace the candidate at no cost.

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