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Filled: Nanny (Live-In)

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Location: Miami FL. USA

Type: Full-Time

Schedule: 5 days on - 2 days off

Accommodation: live-in. Private bedroom en-suite bathroom.

Min. Experience: 7+ Years

Salary: $90k - $120k annually D.O.E.

Benefits: 10 PTO + 11 Holidays & Medical reimbursed.

Family dynamic: Mother, Father and twins (6-year old boy & girl).

Start Date: May / June

Current household staff: Chauffeur, Nanny, Housekeeper, Personal Assistant & Handyman.


Handgraaf Estates is a privately held luxury company based in La Jolla, CA. that provides the highest level of Private Staffing and Estate Management. We tailor our service to the exact needs of every client and strive for nothing less but the highest level of service.



Lovely family is looking for an experienced, flexible and long-term intent, lead-nanny (nanny team of 2) for their twins (6-year old boy & girl). The family resides in Miami Beach, FL. during the school year, but travel extensively during holidays to Montana, Bahamas, and New York for extended periods of time. Nanny is expected to come along on the trips.

Primary responsibilities are the children, helping them with education, teach them proper etiquette, organizing their schedules, after school activities, discipline, feeding, cleaning up after them and playing.

Candidate must be COVID-19 vaccinated and up to date with their boosters. Family is willing to re-locate the candidate to Miami.

PRIMARY DUTIES ● Provide a well-rounded, fun day for the twins. ● Provide age-appropriate creative activities. ● Provide age-appropriate educational activities. ● Provide adequate social interactions with other children. ● Spend adequate time outside with the twins. ● Read to the twins on a regular basis. ● Encourage appropriate amount of independent play. ● Provide adequate supervision during independent play. ● Give the twins ample, focused one on one attention. ● Provide a warm, loving, affectionate environment. ● Enthusiastically engage / participate with twins in activities.


Monday - Friday: 7:15 am

Nanny wakes up to make breakfast and lunch, so kids can bring healthy meal to school.

7:30 pm - 8 am Nanny takes the dog for a walk

8 pm - 9 am Tidy kids' room and playroom if needed.

9 pm - 3:30 am

The time when the nanny must organize her time (prepare kids' dinner for after school, do laundry or ironing of kids' clothes, and take a rest)

After school activities

If kids have after school activities nanny will take them, wait for them and drive them back home. A lot of times one of the parents will do this. Also a lot of the time kids will go straight from coming home into the pool with the parents or parents will take them to the near by beach. In that case, the nanny can use extra free time to take the dog for another walk or start organizing / cooking for a next day.

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Dinner time. Family always reads poetry school book at that time, finish homework or talk about school work.

8 pm - 8:30 pm Reading to kids and sleep

Most of the time parents read to kids unless they are going out for dinner.

Kids class schedule

Piano (twice a week at home) - 45min

Gymnastic (once a week, Tuesday PM) - 90min

Ballet (once a week, Sat AM) - 60min

Ninja Warrior (once a week, Sat AM) - 60min


While in NY & Montana, kids are in camp during the summer so the schedule is very similar. If traveling abroad then everything depends from country to country. In general, the family is very active and tries to use the time to see sights as much as possible. Go to the museums, visit archeological sites, and learn as much as possible while traveling.


On the weekend nanny is expected to spend more time with the kids compared to during the week. The weekends both nannies are working so organizing time between the nannies will divide the responsibility. E.g. One nanny can cook while the other takes the kids to the museum or park... etc.


Homework is done on weekends mostly but that varies depending on our traveling.

Example: this year the family took kids out of school for the whole month of March to go skiing in Montana which meant they needed to create a strict schedule to study and play piano on a daily basis.

Nanny needs to be very organized, create a schedule, and be able to follow it.

COMMUNICATION WITH CHILDREN ● Speak to / talk with the children often to strengthen attachment, develop language skills, and increase vocabulary. ● Display a positive and respectful communication style with the children. ● Model a communication style that reflects the parents’ discipline philosophy (e.g. use words when angry, ask instead of demand, describe how you feel). ● Not use abusive or demeaning language

DISCIPLINE / GUIDANCE ● Set age-appropriate boundaries and expectations. ● Maintain consistent boundaries and rules. ● Handle discipline / behavior issues in an affirming, respectful way. ● Support parents’ discipline philosophy

SICK CHILD CARE The nanny will provide care to the children when they are sick. The family agrees to notify the nanny if the children are showing symptoms so the nanny can take additional precautions.

EDUCATIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES The nanny is responsible for providing supplemental learning opportunities that enhance the child’s learning.

This includes: ● Locate & develop activities that match the child’s learning, ability, and interest level. ● Plan and facilitate activities, relating activity learning to virtual learning topics whenever possible.

CHILDREN'S MEALS ● Breakfast preparation and clean-up ● Lunch preparation and clean-up ● Begin dinner ● Full dinner preparation ● Dinner clean-up ● Preparation of kid sized portions of typical menu items (e.g. chopping up fruits and vegetables, boiling pasta) for parents’ time (e.g. nights, weekends) ● Children’s food allergies / sensitivities ● Parental nutritional preferences / food guidelines for children

HOUSEKEEPING The nanny is responsible for keeping the children area (e.g. playroom, bedroom) neat. This includes straightening up at the end of the workday and if needed, after the family’s use. The family will respect the nanny’s time and energy and will make every effort to straighten up when time and circumstances allow it.

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES ● Putting children to bed ● Assisting with homework ● Rotating seasonal clothes ● Transporting children ● General shopping for children (groceries, clothes, birthday gifts) ● Coordinating children schedule ● Locate and/or register children for age-appropriate activities (e.g. gym class, music class) ● Schedule and/or accompany children to regular and/or sick medical visits ● Research and recommend professionals (e.g. doctors, therapists), education offerings (e.g. preschools, tutors), other activities (e.g. summer camps, sport teams). ● Complete, submit and update all registration forms for schools, camps, teams, activities.

GENERAL AVAILABILITY The nanny is required to be available as necessary on scheduled days. The nanny will be given at least 2 days off each week. The nanny understands the need to be flexible and that the schedule may vary according to changes in the parent’s and children’s schedule.

BREAKS The family understands the need for regular breaks during the day. Due to the informal nature of in-home care, it’s difficult to schedule regular rest breaks and meal periods so they encourage the nanny to build in adequate breaks for meals and relaxation during the workday.

TRAVEL During the school year the family lives in Miami Beach, Florida. They travel on holidays and summer breaks to Montana, Bahamas, and New York.

The nanny is required to travel with the family as the family deems necessary. The family agrees to inform the nanny of the travel schedule as far in advance as possible. The family will assume all travel related costs (e.g. transportation, accommodations, on and off duty meals, grocery allowance, tip allowance) incurred by the nanny.


  • 7+ years of consistent and recent Nanny experience in a private home setting.

  • Outstanding references from current and previous professional positions. References will be verified.

  • Seeking longevity (5 - 10+ year commitment).

  • Superb command of the English language, both written and oral, is required.

  • Understands that the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion are required.

  • Ability to complete extensive background checks, motor vehicle checks, and credit checks.

  • Driver's license and clean driving record.

  • CPR and First Aid certification

  • COVID-19 vaccinated

  • Legal to work in the United States.


Principal’s First

Ability to stay focused on meeting and exceeding Highly Private Principals/Clients needs

● Learn from mistakes

Able to admit mistakes upfront and seeks the truth. Learns and grows from mistakes. Makes thoughtful choices and provides solutions to avoid future mistakes. Keeps improving.

● Conscientious

Finishes duties mindfully, effectively and promptly.

● Dedication

Shows a deep commitment to the role and people.

● Accountable

Takes ownership of tasks and time for Due diligence.

● Independent

Thinks and acts independently.

● Resilience

Does not complain or shy away from assigned work. Confronts difficulties with a positive outlook. When the going gets tough the tough get going.

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