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Private Estate Staffing & Management 


The Royal Dutchman

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Our core-experience lies in managing, maintaining, improving and staffing large estates in the Southern California area.


Handgraaf Estates was founded on the core principles of Respect, Trust, Honesty, Integrity and the strive for excellent service at all times.

Owning and operating a large estate comes with it's own unique challenges. Our experience showed that clients live a busy lifestyle and don't have the time to manage all the projects and tasks in and around the house.

This is where we come in. 

Our objective is to help the principal navigate these unique problems and to provide a smooth run household. This results in peace of mind knowing that your property is professionally managed and taken care off. 

From staffing all types of household staff to our full-service property management company. We pride ourselves in tailoring our service to each individual client, striving for nothing but the best.

''Spend your time enjoying your home,
                                                    not managing it''

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